Hotel Management & Development

About Lark Hotels

Boutique hotel management is Lark’s specialty. Lark hotels embrace the locations they are in — but in playful, unexpected ways. Think “sense of place” with imagination and a touch of mischief. We invite our guests to experience modern luxury in the heart of iconic destinations, to feel the pull of a nostalgic getaway while surrounded by today’s amenities and to find attentive service when they want it and privacy when they don’t.

Initially we grew in coastal cities and resort destinations in the northeast of the United States through both management contracts and select joint venture partnerships. We are now moving into other iconic locations across the United States. By leveraging the success of our existing collection of design driven boutique properties in iconic locations we will replicate this model consistently, but with a nod to each property’s individuality. Read about our founding partners and approach in this profile in Hospitality Design magazine.

Central to Lark’s success as managers and developers is our core team of hospitality, design and marketing veterans.

With experience working with properties as small as 9 rooms and as large as 175 rooms, the team has worked together on many significant inn, hotel and resort projects throughout the northeast of the United States. For more information or to connect with our team about your project, please email us.

Boutique Hotel Management Services

For investors who would rather not oversee the daily operations of their hotel but want to ensure the success of their investment, Lark’s boutique hotel management services provide the perfect solution. Management services include day-to-day oversight of all aspects of the business operations including:

  • human resources
  • customer relations
  • operations
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • sales
  • accounting
  • expense management
  • rate management
  • software and IT management
  • minor to major building project

Boutique hotel management fees are typically based on a percentage of gross room revenues and are paid monthly. In some cases, with a start up or vastly under-performing property there will be a set monthly retainer. In order to be branded as a Lark Hotel and become a member of our collection, your property will go through a thorough evaluation of your location, design, building, amenities and level of service.

Leadership Team

Rob Blood

Founder, CEO, Principal

At age 28, Rob entered the hospitality world with the purchase of his first lodging property in Kennebunkport, Maine. Now, 13 years later he is involved in the ownership and management of 22 distinctive boutique hotels and 4 restaurants in the North East of the United States and in California. Along the way he has served as a consultant/owner’s representative for several significant hotel and resort projects throughout the North East.  In 2012 Lark Hotels was formally born. Lark is Rob’s passion — creating and operating playful, design-driven boutique properties that pay homage to their locations and create a deep feeling of nostalgia by providing unique experiences and service for guests — resonates deeply with him.

Not a back office CEO, Rob has been recognized for doing whatever it takes - whether it is cleaning toilets, making beds, hauling furniture or installing wallpaper.  It’s true, more of his time lately is spent developing the strategic vision for Lark Hotels, creating budgets, forecasting revenue projections and evaluating projects, however he, along with the rest of the Lark Leadership Team, is in regular touch with each property on an ongoing basis. Over the last decade he has become an expert in revenue management, creating operational efficiencies, repositioning properties, operationalizing a property’s brand and project evaluation.  While other developers and operators can be hesitant to commit to seasonal markets or smaller properties, Rob has a particular affinity for these resort destinations and knows how to maximize a short season.

Dawn Hagin


Dawn is a “wouldn’t it be cool if” kind of thinker. She wakes up with ideas in her head and can’t wait to share them. While still a principal at Lark, Dawn recently moved out of the day-to-day marketing work of the organization, where she formerly led Lark Hotels branding conceptualization and marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy for each of our properties, as well as the overarching Lark Hotels brand. Dawn also founded and served as publisher of our On a Lark magazine and managed brand partnerships with other dynamic, growing companies. Now, she is working on a few special projects for the organization and moving on to exciting new horizons. Previously, she was a principal at Rare Brick, one of the nation’s leading boutique hospitality design and photography firms. She has developed marketing strategy and refined the brands of 50+ lodging businesses, including those in the Lark portfolio.

Rachel Reider

Director of Design, Principal

Rachel Reider is known as one of New England’s hottest young interior designers (she recently was honored as one of “5 under 40″ to watch by New England Home magazine), but to us here at Lark she is quite simply the nicest, most creative barometer of style we’ve ever met. She and her design team at Rachel Reider Interiors have made each Lark Hotel sing with fresh, fun sophistication through unique use of color, texture, and form. Rachel has deep roots in the interior design field with over 15 years of experience. She holds a degree in Interior Design from the New England School of Art and Design as well as having worked at two prestigious design firms prior to starting Rachel Reider Interiors Inc. in 2006. Her firm has been recognized by publications such as Coastal Living, Design New England, The Boston Globe, Travel and Leisure and Better Homes and Gardens for its uniquely individualized approach to functionally chic interiors.

Leigh Blood

Company Director of Operations

Leigh keeps us in line. She has exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, but can also think broadly so as never to get caught in that forest/trees conundrum. It’s not hyperbole to say that she is the glue that holds us together and the net that catches what otherwise might slip through. For Lark, Leigh oversees the operational support provided by the Lark Leadership Team to the on-property teams at all Lark Hotels. She is the facilitator of internal communication, the coordinator of tasks and calendars, and the master of systems and checklists. With 5 years experience in running properties as an owner/operator plus 5 years specializing in back-of-house operations, she knows hospitality from the inside out - she can fold sheets, bake a mean scone, handle reservations with warmth and finesse, and recite our chart of accounts in her sleep. And thus she understands what is needed to enable everyone on property to do their best work. With degrees in biology and studio art, she has the unique left brain/right brain combination that allows her to be sociable and creative while still having the type A ethos that keeps us moving in the right direction with an eye toward exceptional organizational structure.

Megan Butcher

Director of Hotels

Meg has the unique ability to see and support the big picture by paying attention to the smallest details. In her time with Lark she has proven to be a skilled organizer of small and large projects, mentor to staff, manager of chaos, defender of the lark mission and a dynamic part of the leadership team. Meg thrives on creating efficient systems from disorder- the day before a hotel opening is like Christmas Eve to her. In her role as Director of Hotels she is globally responsible for all matters relating to hotel operations. Meg is regularly on the road evaluating new development opportunities, leading new property openings or transitions, supporting a team of regional managers and assessing existing hotel procedures. Because each Lark hotel is unique, Meg's job is to create the blueprint for operationalizing our brand while highlighting each hotel's specific story.

Marie-Pier Hébert

Regional Manager (The Hotel Salem, The Merchant, Whitehall, Field Guide), Director of Restaurants and Bars

On an easy day, Marie-Pier will open a 40 seat restaurant in 48 hours in the middle of the Arabian desert (true story). Her strength is simply getting things done with the utmost quality and efficiency in equal measure. Marie-Pier is on the constant quest to master the ins and outs of everything restaurant related, so much so that she's often caught wanting to jump into a team pre-shift at restaurants that she doesn't even manage! Marie-Pier has lived and worked on 4 continents and has held countless positions in food and beverage and in hotel operations management. As a regional manager Marie-Pier oversees Lark's hotels with restaurants and be based mainly north of Boston. As the Director of Restaurants and Bars, she directly oversees our portfolio of restaurants pushing forth Lark's vision while keeping a keen eye on policies, procedures and structure.

Justin Perdue

Group Executive Chef

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, Justin Perdue can remember cooking with his mom at home, where meatballs were a specialty, and watching the PBS series Great Chefs of the World in his free time. Flash forward and Justin worked with Bobby Flay’s New York City restaurant, Bar Americain, where he honed his skills while at attending NYC’s International Culinary Center. Seeking a new challenge, Justin then moved to Chicago where he continued moving his way up the line at renowned kitchens, including NoMi inside the Park Hyatt Chicago, and Topolobampo, where he gained experience under famed chef Rick Bayless. Most recently, Justin worked within the Hotel Sofitel group as an Executive Chef, at both the Chicago and Philadelphia locations.

At Lark, Justin has traded in his Chef whites for a tee shirt and a trucker hat but he still keeps his flavor bible close by.  Responsible for the creative direction and menu development at each of our restaurants and bars, Justin also hires and trains kitchen crews, implements system to create efficiencies, all the while monitoring food and labor costs with his on property teams.

Ellen Blood

Director of Human Resources and Accounts Manager

Ellen juggles a bunch of stuff for Lark and she keeps those balls in the air with style, grace and a dose of panache. Her very "human" approach to human resources makes her a commodity among employees across Lark properties. One of Ellen's favorite times of the year is when she's able to help prepare breakfast do housekeeping at our locations in need of a temporary team member for the weekend. Ellen could likely recite the names of every staff member company wide in her sleep, she knows about and cares for everyone and helps keep our team sane in times of chaos. As an operations manager with over twenty years of experience in both startup and established companies, Ellen has a seasoned perspective in operational issues of every stripe. Over the years she has handled all aspects of Human Resources, hiring, training and supervision of staff, development of personnel policy and budgets; RFP’s and grant proposals;  facility management with a specialization in build out/renovation of large office spaces up to 20,000 square feet; Investor relations pre and post IPO; and both local and national event planning for conferences on both the east and west coast.

Jeffrey Holihan


Holihan is derived from a Celtic word meaning “proud”, and Jeffrey Holihan is indeed the proud captain of the accounting team.  When the seas get a little choppy inside the dynamic Lark world, he always provides a steady hand and keeps morale up. He has spent the majority of his working life in hospitality on both the operations and accounting sides.  Starting out as a teenager working at a couple of Victorian hotels on the New Hampshire seacoast, he went on to work in many positions from short order cook to hotel general manager before “changing careers” to pursue accounting, and, as fate would have it, ending up back in hospitality, this time as a Controller for Hotel Development, Hotel Construction and Hotel Operations for both limited and full service hotels.  With degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as Accounting, and years of experience to draw from, Jeffrey is well seasoned and well equipped to roll up his sleeves and work with everyone from GMs to bookkeepers to ensure that our accounting stays on course.  A spare-time avid waterman, Jeffrey is very happy being either on top of or underwater and loves to travel especially to warm remote seaside locations.

Nikola Jasprica

Director of Revenue Management, Regional Manager (Blue, Hotel Portsmouth, Ale House Inn, Captain Fairfield Inn, Pomegranate Inn)

Nik brings to Lark the unique combination of nerdy computer geek and confident leader. A rare breed of Croatian and South African, he is calm and steady and always knows when to take action. Nik has a lengthy background in hospitality and has held many roles in operations management around the world.  As a Regional Manager, Nik oversees Lark's hotels north of Boston, supporting on property staff and enforcing our brand. As our Director of Revenue and Systems, Nik is responsible for global revenue management for Lark and overall implementation, and maintenance of our technology and systems. Nik believes that technology has a great influence on the guest experience, and on our company as a whole and is always on the lookout for the next gadget or app that will take the Lark experience to the next level.

Korin Matter

Director of Team Development, Regional Manager (21 Broad, 76 Main, White House Inn, The Blue Door Group)

Korin greets you with an affable personality, genuine curiosity, and authentic compassion.  She is the steady hand guiding a ship on a stormy sea, the well grounded voice of reason and the person everyone counts on to diffuse a tense situation.  She seems to never be at the whim of chance, rather, you will always find her right where she needs to be; always moving forward, steadfast and unwavering. Korin works hard to create respectful, collaborative, and supportive learning environments. Holding a master’s degree in Education and with experience as a special education teacher and an education consultant, she is the perfect person to lead Lark’s team development and training. Korin combines patience with resourcefulness and remarkable intelligence, making her both an effective educator and efficient problem solver. In addition to teaching our team, Korin has direct operational oversight of a portion of our southern New England hotels, including those on Cape Cod, Nantucket and also our portfolio in California. When Korin isn’t engulfed in the day to day operation, you will find her off running a trail, paddleboarding, seeking sunshine, reading a book, learning about Latin culture, practicing spanish, and planning her next travel adventure.  

Dan Matter

Director of Team Culture, Regional Manager (Summercamp, The Christopher, The Sydney, The Break, The Attwater, Gilded)

Dan has an unbridled drive for improvement and brings genuine enthusiasm into every aspect of his life. Dan’s unmatched intensity and energy allows him to push through tricky situations, leaving no stone unturned, no question unanswered and no detail forgotten. One of Dan’s core beliefs is that we are at our best when we are feeling motivated and inspired in our work, he is constantly contemplating ways to bridge the gap between people and potential.  Dan has spent several years on Nantucket as a General Manager for Lark, and with a diverse background ranging from a degree in Forestry to owning and operating a restaurant, Dan is well equipped to think outside of the box and handle any situation that is  thrown his way. As Director of Team Culture he advances his mission of creating a company environment that fosters general team well being and prosperity, where team members feel valued, supported, and heard. Additionally as a Regional Manager, Dan supervises and supports individual hotel operations in our Southern New England Region with a concentration in in Rhode Island and Martha’s Vineyard.

Adam Policky

Director of Digital & Customer Relationship Marketing

Adam’s skills are too numerous to mention, but for Lark he spearheads our Internet technology, graphic design, photography and video. Adam was a principal at Rare Brick, one of the nation’s leading boutique hospitality design and photography firms. He also has been known to design and manufacturer a stunning light fixture (or two, or three) for our hotels and contribute art photography to our walls. A former corporate senior designer and fine art photographer, Adam has developed logos and identities, designed and redesigned collateral, and shepherded projects large and small through concept development, design, and production. As a member of the pre-launch development team at Ofoto, Inc., Adam helped the company design and develop one of the first online photo sharing and digital printing websites, preparing the company for its eventual sale to Kodak.

Emily Golin

Director of Content Marketing & Public Relations

Emily discovered a gift for gab at a young age, which often landed her at the desk next to the teacher's starting as early as third grade. That love of language and creative storytelling makes her the perfect person to lead the charge on the social media, public relations, and content marketing front. With her hands-on approach and in-depth market knowledge, Emily oversees a layered communications program strategically designed to create unique content that reaches audiences right where they want it - even if they don't know it yet. A former public relations account director for large firms including Arnold, Mullen, and Porter Novelli, Emily’s tenacity and forward-thinking has earned her a reputation as equal parts The New Yorker and US Weekly. She has spent nearly twenty years developing, executing and troubleshooting communications programs designed to drive awareness while unifying messaging across all mediums. That she got to tailgate with Mr. Clean, put bread on the Jumbotron in Times Square during the Atkins era, and now inspire people to go on a lark while doing so is the icing on the cake.

Amanda Wallace

Director of Strategic Marketing & Advertising

Amanda’s maxim is “creative thinking through organizational savvy” (or the other way around, depending on the day). When an online quiz told her she was 50% right- and 50% left-brained, it made complete sense. Hence her science education, but passion for working in the arts and creative fields. She loves making beautiful food, but only by way of following a Cook’s Illustrated recipe to the letter. Get the picture? She loves to write, create, and imagine – but that doesn’t mean she can’t love a good spreadsheet. With a multidisciplinary background as varied as the states she’s lived in, Amanda spent 15+ years in the nonprofit sector – primarily in public relations and marketing, strategic organizing, educational programming and development, events planning, and writing and research – before finding her groove in the communications world. Amanda’s years of communications experience and skill, as well as her dedication to living out her connection to place, makes her perfectly situated to lead Lark’s marketing team on strategic marketing and advertising initiatives and to continue to develop the organizational framework for their visions.

Nicole Benson

Assistant Controller

Nicole is an energetic number-cruncher with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Accounting. She is a Massachusetts native and has extensive experience handling the books for restaurants, specializing in untangling complicated messes and catching up on years of backlogged work. At Lark she has taken on the role of in-house financial detective, and spends her time tracking down the answers to accounting questions before they become big headaches. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her adopted dog from Alabama, spending way too much time at farmers markets, and relaxing with her fiancé from Georgia.

Maggie Hinman

Company Events Coordinator

As the producer and organizer of Lark events company wide, Maggie's job is to build business, advise on property teams and monitor production quality. Maggie comes to us with extensive experience at a New England based boutique event company. She has honed her skills over the years curating personalized events where every detail matters. Maggie lends a hand in making sure that every event is as unique as the property at which it is held. Maggie brings to Lark and to our guests her incredibly patient demeanor, extreme organizational skills and upbeat attitude which has been the recipe for successfully developing this part of our business.