A Summer Vacation in Kennebunkport: Beyond the Bush Estate

We know you know. Maine means lobster. Maine means lighthouses. If this is what you’re looking for in a summer vacation, we at Captain Fairfield Inn, your Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, are standing by with driving directions and restaurant suggestions to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a classic Maine vacation.

But what if whale watching and seeing the Bush Estate just doesn’t float your boat? Should you pass by Kennebunkport and start searching other destinations on Tripadvisor? Let us stop you there for just a minute, because Kennebunkport has another side to offer.

Restaurants: We are lucky to have the White Barn Inn just a mile or so from Captain Fairfield Inn, and they absolutely deserve to be so widely known. But there are so many other Kennebunkport restaurants serving up creative, innovative cuisine along with stellar service and memorable ambiance. We’ve recently written about a number of them, so check out our other blog posts here and here.

Shopping: Yes, there are several t-shirt and trinket shops. But then there are places like Minka – hip, handmade jewelry and apothecary items – and Daytrip Society – where I can’t help buying that very cool little treasure (click here to see examples) and sending it as an impromptu gift to my best college friend out in San Fran. Top it off with an ice cream cone at Aunt Marie’s for lunch (because you’re still pretty full from the creative gourmet breakfast at Captain Fairfield and hey, you’re on vacation!) and your morning’s made.

Sightseeing: You’re thinking you might not need to hit every tourist attraction - you just need one beautiful spot, maybe a book (hard copy or Kindle) and maybe some gourmet sandwiches and you could have the perfect afternoon. Simple, yet so memorable - because

although you could do something similar at home, you probably won’t – and that’s exactly why you are on vacation. Visit Market Day for your provisioning needs, Kennebooks for your reading pleasures, and Captain Fairfield Inn for directions to those scenic, secluded spots.

Relaxing: Late afternoon. Forget killing time before that 8pm dinner res. Instead - Captain Fairfield Inn, wine, artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, patio, seabreezes.

The first day of your Kennebunkport getaway has been amazing, and you haven’t even gotten in your car yet.

Maybe tomorrow a daytrip to Portland, or Freeport, or Camden, or Ogunquit, or into the lakes region… Why pack and unpack, check in and check out, when you can get so much of a Maine vacation from Kennebunkport? Whatever your whims, we’ll help you figure out your plans tomorrow morning over breakfast, which will feature such creative selections as a watermelon salad on a bed of arugula with toasted pine nuts, feta cheese and a balsamic drizzle and a black bean omelette with pepperjack cheese topped with sour cream and avocado with a side of local multi-grain toast.

Lastly, we must mention your room at Captain Fairfield Inn: In good weather, you probably don’t expect to spend all day in your room (but no one’s stopping you!). But we want it to be more than just a comfortable home base. We want you to walk in and say, “Wow, this is fun!” We hope our new rooms in particular will do this for you.

So, if you’ve never traveled to Kennebunkport or Maine, consider giving it a whirl. By the way, Kennebunkport is only 1 ½ hours north of Boston, and a half hour south of Portland (the nearest airport).

If you have your own insider tips on Kennebunkport or Maine, and you’d be willing to share one or two of your secrets, post them to our facebook page.

Hope to see you on the Maine coast!