Close up of person holding a handful of mushrooms

A Visit to Camden Farmers' Market

Maine is known for its small-scale agriculture and the bounty of fresh, delicious produce, cheese, bread, and meats these farmers produce. Come spring, farmers once again begin to set up tents and tables in parking lots around the state, as the return of outdoor farmers' markets takes place. The Camden Farmers' Market brings vendors from all over the Midcoast area to downtown Camden, only a mile from our Camden boutique hotel Whitehall.

At Lark Hotels, we love to show our guests what makes each of our Lark destinations so special, and in Maine, a big part of that is the small farmers and producers that keep the local food system vibrant. Maine's restaurant scene wouldn't be what it is without the thousands of farmers and fishermen that grow and harvest the state's best food, from wild blueberries and potatoes to lobster and oysters. The farmers' market is the best place to connect with the Maine food system, even if you're on vacation and aren't going to be hauling home a week's worth of produce. The Camden Farmers' Market, in particular, has many vendors that make ready-to-eat foods and value-added products that make for a great vacation memento.

Every Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon, the empty lot at 116 Washington Street fills with local farmers and makers. There's plenty of organic vegetable farmers, a mushroom grower, and several meat producers—some with smoked products like salami and smoked salmon that would be perfect for a picnic or happy hour snack. Don't miss Fuzzy Udder Creamery with fresh and aged goats milk cheeses like brie and mozzarella. Several bakeries sell loaves of freshly baked bread, pastries, and specialty crackers helping to round out the picnic lunch offerings. Craft vendors offer everything from medicinal salves and aromatherapy to wooden spoons and felted Christmas ornaments. Visit the Camden Farmers' Market to see what's in season.

Camden Farmers' Market | 116 Washington Street, Camden | Wednesdays 3:30-6pm, Saturdays 9am-noon