Close-up shot of a classic a cheeseburger

Where to Find the Best Burger in Newport

While we love Newport for its upscale seafood restaurants that line the waterfront, we also know that sometimes you just want a good burger in a casual environment. Newport is lucky in that regard, as it's home to Mission Burger which is regularly voted the best burger in Newport and was even declared to be the best burger in the state by Thrillist.

With counter service and a menu scrawled on a roll of brown craft paper hanging behind the register, Mission Burger keeps its focus on making the best burgers in Newport. The meat for Mission's burgers and hot dogs is ground in-house, a real rarity in the restaurant industry. All of its burgers are priced at $10 or less, with the classic burger coming in at only $7.25. The cheeseburger attracted Thrillist's award, with its special Mission sauce and caramelized onions. A mix of ketchup, aioli, cornichons, and herbs, the sauce is an upscale version of McDonald's Big Mac sauce that delights all of our taste buds. Add in an order of hand cut fries, and you've got a classic American meal without the guilt of fast food. Mission Burger is even vegetarian-friendly, with a killer falafel sandwich stacked high with vegetables and tzatziki sauce. Beer and wine round out the reasons to seek out the best burger in Newport at Mission Burger.

If you're wanting chicken more than beef, head to Mission Burger's sister restaurant, Winner, Winner. The success of Mission Burger inspired its owners to open another restaurant in 2016, serving fried chicken. Once again, elevating the fast food experience is the theme with buckets of fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches. We love the Viet Now, a fried, dark meat chicken patty topped with fish sauce, sriracha, and veggie slaw. Sides like biscuits, mac and cheese, and black-eyed peas are no afterthought either. Winner, Winner's crispy fried chicken will have you craving it again before you even leave town.

Mission Burger | 29 Marlborough St. in Newport | (401) 619-5560
Winner, Winner | 677 Thames Street, Newport | (401) 848-2449