Passing cruise ship sees a whale sighting

Best Whale Watching on Cape Cod

Whale watching is a popular Cape Cod activity, mid-spring through early fall. Cape Cod marks the southern end of the Gulf of Maine, a unique marine ecosystem home to an incredible number of marine mammals. The geography of the Cape creates a feeding and breeding grounds for fish and whales, making it some of the best whale watching on Cape Cod. Just north of Provincetown, an underwater upwelling of ground and current called Stellwagen Bank means plankton, fish, and a host of other species come to feed. And where there are fish and plankton, there are whales. A number of tour groups lead trips out of Cape Cod to enjoy a beautiful day on the water and see these marine mammals in their native habitat. Next time you're on a lark to one of our boutique Cape Cod hotels AWOL in Provincetown and The Coonamessett in Falmouth, enjoy some of the best whale watching on Cape Cod with these three charter companies.

Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises | 269 Millway, Barnstable | (508) 362-6088

Closest to our Falmouth boutique hotel The Coonamessett, this whale watch trip leaves from Barnstable on Cape Cod Bay. The trips run about 3-1/2 to 4 hours and head out to Stellwagen Bank on jet-powered boats. Naturalists on board will help point out and identify whales, and you'll to see humpbacks, sei whales, minkes, and dolphins, plus many sea birds, seals, and even fish. As with all whale watching trips, it's recommended to bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and layers, as it can be chilly on the water. An air-conditioned cabin on the boat provides shelter from the heat of the summer.

SeaSalt Charters | 19 Ryder St E, Provincetown | (508) 444-2732

Whale watching trips are popular in Provincetown, where you're only 5 miles from active whale feeding grounds of Stellwagen Bank. SeaSalt Charters operates smaller boats that can be chartered for your own private whale watching trip. With a maximum of 6 people, this small, private trip gives you an intimate look at the whales of Stellwagen Bank, lasting about 3-1/2 to 4 hours. Like all the trips recommended here, SeaSalt Charters follows whale watching protocol that prioritizes whale safety.

Dolphin Whale Watch | 307 Commercial St #1, Provincetown | (508) 240-3636

See whales in comfort on one of Dolphin Whale Watch's many boats. With air-conditioned cabins and a galley that serve food and drink, you'll enjoy your day on the water. Naturalists on board these 3 to 4 hour whale watch trips will act as your guide, detailing the geography and biology of the area. These trips are popular, as P'town is very busy in the summer, so book your trip well in advance if you're set on whale watching on Cape Cod during your visit.