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BOOK + BED Launches at Whitehall

While we love e-readers and audiobooks as much as the next avid reader, there’s a timeless quality to flipping through the pages of a book. That’s why we decided to match two of our great loves - reading and Maine - with our guests! We’ve partnered with Owl & Turtle Bookshop Cafe in downtown Camden to bring you a list of Maine-centric reads to enjoy while on a lark or at home.

Maine, not only famous for its beautiful and rugged coastline, lobster rolls and blueberry pie, has a rich history both at sea and on land. Read the tale of how a man survived in Maine’s wilderness for 27 years, dive into the history of Maine’s fishing villages and the effects on local economy, or step back in time and relive a local bank robbery. Our new Book Menu offers seven different titles for guests to purchase from the front desk, all of which pay homage to our great state.

Book + Bed


The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit..................... $25.95 by Michael Finkel

This tale of Maine’s “North Pond Hermit” is a riveting recount of how a man survived in the (often freezing) wilderness for 27 years. Author Michael Finkel was the only person to whom the hermit granted interviews. You’ll grasp how this man possessed an intense and innate need to live as a recluse—an understanding that elicits sympathy, empathy, outrage, envy, and astonish- ment. A remarkable aspect of this book is how it calls you to consider your own relationship with solitude.

The Stars are Fire.......................... $25.95 by Anita Shreve

The acclaimed author of The Pilot’s Wife weaves a fictional tale of suspense and survival, using the very real wild fire that ravaged the Maine coast in the 1940s as the starting point. A mother keeps herself and her two small children safe from the flames by taking refuge in the water where the risk of hypothermia may be great, but the alternative is almost certain death by fire. How Grace Holland rebuilds her life is a compel- ling tale of female fortitude. A page-turner!

A Piece of the World ....................... $27.99 by Christina Baker Kline

This work of historical fiction takes you to the nearby coastal town of Cushing, Maine to immerse you in the life of Christina Olsen. As muse to Andrew Wyeth for more than 20 years, this subject of the painting “Christina’s World” lived a quiet life wracked by illness and the strains of an insular family life. The rigors of growing up on a Maine farm are illuminated as a little known piece of Wyeth’s life. Fans of Orphan Train will enjoy returning to Kline’s vivid prose and knack for storytelling.

The Lobster Coast .......................... $18.00 by Colin Woodard

Anyone curious about the fishing villages along coastal Maine and how they evolved to affect the economy and livelihood of the state will find Colin Woodard’s historical account of Maine’s 17th century settlers incredibly informative. You’ll develop an appreciation for and understanding of the local mentality and how the struggles and triumphs experienced by the people in this area of the world can be applied to many regions of our nation.

The Great Mars Hill Bank Robbery ........... $16.95 by Ron Chase

This true blue Robin Hood story tells the tale of how a decorated Vietnam War hero, Bernard Preston, decided to rob a bank in Mars Hill, Maine because he was unable to obtain a loan from the VA. Along his varied and wild escape route he paddles a river raft, rides a motorcycle, and even buys a camel as he eludes officials and hands out money to the needy.

Lost on a Mountain in Maine .................. $5.99 by Donn Fendler and Joseph B. Egan

A 12-year old boy hiking with his family decides to venture back on his own after summiting Maine’s Mt. Katahdin. Between fog and a fall, Donn Fendler loses his way and winds up needing to summon survival skills he never knew he possessed in order to make it through a harrowing two weeks on the mountain. This book is appropriate for children ages 8-12 as well as adults.

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee ............. $15.99 by Chris Van Dusen

Local beloved children’s book author and illus- trator Chris Van Dusen takes us on a wet and whimsical journey with the goofy Mr. Magee and his dog Dee. Catchy, melodic prose and vivid fun illustrations keep children of all ages engaged and enchanted. You’ll want to rush out and get the remaining books in the series (Camping Spree with Mr. Magee and Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee)