Captain Fairfield Loves Harris Farm

There may not be lots of snow where you are but we’ve had our fair share this winter.  Coastal Maine’s winter weather pattern has kept the snowfall “just right.”   There’s no doubt that Jed has had his share of shoveling, but, in our view, our second winter in Maine has been just about perfect, with plenty of opportunity to sit by the fire, enjoy a glass of wine or a hot toddy and of course get out and explore the area.

During this, one of the most beautiful times of year in our coastal village, many of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast guests are taking advantage by strolling quiet beaches or hopping on a sleigh ride. Still more visit one of our favorite locations supporting local, eco-friendly agriculture: Harris Farm.

Just a short scenic drive to the west, Harris Farm offers visitors the opportunity to explore the farm on snowshoes or cross-country skis. Novices to both winter sports are always welcome! We’ve heard stories of the great patience and competence of the farm’s staff during lessons, and especially the fun to be had exploring this corner of Maine.  Of course, if you are accomplished in either sport there are many miles of beautiful trails to explore on your own.

Admittedly, we were introduced to our Southern Maine neighbors in a way that has nothing to do with winter sports. Harris Farm supplies several local restaurants, including our favorite new addition to downtown Kennebunk, Owen’s Farmhouse. Check out the “Harris” pizza, which includes ingredients sourced from its namesake farm.  We’d suggest stopping in at Owen’s on your way back from a day of exploring - they have takeout and dine-in options.  If you opt for take out, let us know and we’ll be sure to have the fire going so you can warm up after your day of winter trekking.

On a related note: It’s time to tap the Sugar Maples! If you’re visiting on March 22nd & 23rd be sure to check out Harris Farm’s annual Maple Weekend. Get an inside look at their operation and even sample maple syrup straight from the boiler.