Consider These Tips While Traveling To Portland, Maine This Summer

From breweries to museums, to nature walks and parks, Portland, Maine has a lot to offer for its civilians, visitors, and tourists. With outdoor activities and limitless seafood options being prominent attractions in the area as well, this city draws in travelers from all over the country. Even though visiting the city during the cooler months can be fun, the summertime can give you a different experience and the additional perk of feeling the sunshine. If you plan on traveling to Portland, Maine this summer, consider these tips for a successful stay!

The Planning Process


Prepare In Advance

With any excursion comes the need to plan, because the more you prepare, the more organized you’ll be during your travels. Don’t be afraid to make a to-do list to limit forgetfulness, and outline transportation options for yourself and whoever may be visiting Portland with you. Making the planning process a priority early on will take away some of the additional stress that comes with devising a trip.

Prioritize Your Finances

Many positives are associated with traveling, but for some, articulating a budget may not be one of them. The great thing is there are many easy ways to save money for a trip to Portland. With technological travel conveniences on the rise, utilize your smartphone as a convenience! A mobile bank account could be a great way to keep your finances on track; limiting extra spending tendencies and as a way to avert hidden transaction costs. Along with this, using a budgeting app to record your purchases and stick to your money management goals can increase financial wellness as well.

Coordinate Your Transportation and Lodging Options

Integrating accommodation options into your planning process is vital in making the most out of your stay in Portland. Depending on the location of your hometown, you may be driving, taking a train or bus, or flying into Maine. Regardless, waiting to schedule your form of transportation or delaying a hotel reservation can be detrimental to your travels. When booking a hotel, research all the options and ask a manager for discounts or special offers they might provide for the duration of your stay. 

During Your Trip


Check Out Wine Week

Portland Wine Week is a festival known for showcasing the best wine at a variety of restaurants and bars in the area. From June 17-23, experience this city the right way through exploring this wonderful event during the summer time.

Attend a Yoga Class

For any visitors who want to get their fitness on, attending a yoga class can be a great way to relax and clear your mind as a solo or group traveler. With so many amazing yoga studios in Portland, you’re bound to attend a well-established practice with experienced instructors who accommodate people coming in from out-of-town.

Find Live Music in the Area

Seeking live music is an easy way to spend time with friends, family or a significant other, all while having a ton of fun! Portland is full of places with live tunes that play a wide range of genres. Depending on your preference, listening to a band in a bar, or enjoying music at an outdoor venue, they are all provided throughout the summertime in this destination. 

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