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Don't Miss These Rhode Island Foods

Rhode Island is known for its regional specialties—beyond the fresh lobster and seafood you expect from a New England state. With Portuguese and American Indian influences, Rhode Island has several unique dishes that you won't want to miss. The next time you're on a lark with us in Newport, seek out these Rhode Island foods for a taste of some regional delicacies.

Hot Wieners

These hot dogs come in a steamed bun and are topped with a chili-like meat sauce, chopped onions, yellow mustard, and celery salt. It's a combination you have to try to believe. Also called New York System hot wieners for the Providence-based restaurant that makes them, these hot dogs can be found in Newport at Ben's Chili Dogs, a great hole-in-the-wall on Broadway.

Del's Lemonade

No visit to Rhode Island in the summer is complete without some Del's. This lemonade slushy is a refreshing treat, perfect for enjoying while strolling the Newport waterfront. Find yours on Thames Street and see why Del's earns a place in Rhode Islanders hearts.

Coffee Milk

Named the official state drink in 1993, this drink is milk sweetened with coffee syrup—like chocolate milk, but coffee flavored. Find it served at classic eateries like Bishop's 4th Street Diner in Newport. If you're looking to take the taste of coffee milk home with you, be on the lookout for Dave's Coffee syrup, an updated version made by a Providence-based coffee shop.


These stuffed quahog clams are filled with stuffing, onions, chorizo, and chopped clam meat. You'll find them on the menu at many waterfront bars and seafood restaurants, as an appetizer to your meal. The stuffed treatment is reserved for the biggest clams, where the little ones are served raw on the half shell. Don't miss these Rhode Island foods during your visit for a true New England experience!