Images of Dock Square, Kennebunkport's Village Center

When I am looking around online at various Kennebunkport attractions, they are often described as being in or near Dock Square.  But if I wasn't familiar with Kennebunkport, I would have no idea what this means.  Perhaps because it is mentioned so many times, I might eventually guess it has some significance within this Maine coast destination.

Dock Square is considered to be the center of Kennebunkport.  Located on the Kennebunk River (about one mile upstream from where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean), it's a hub both on water and on land (well, as much of a hub as you can get in a small Maine village).  It's home to numerous restaurants, boutiques, antique and art galleries, ice cream shops and a small provisioning market.

I've posted some photos and descriptions of what you might see walking from Captain Fairfield Inn, our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, to Dock Square, and then through Dock Square, over the Kennebunk River and into Lower Village Kennebunk. If you are walking directly, it takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Inn to the monument in the center; if you're meandering, who knows... These photos were taken on a recent sunny Autumn Saturday afternoon, and even though we've taken this walk so many times before, we had a lovely time.