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On the Lookout for Kennebunkport Lobster

No trip to Maine is complete without a taste of our state crustacean, so no doubt you're on the lookout for Kennebunkport lobster. Fall is the busiest time of year for lobstermen, as those sneaky creatures move to deeper waters. These lobsters shed their shells in the spring and have since grown to fill their new, larger shells. This means these hard-shell lobsters are bursting with sweet, dense meat—perfect for enjoying steamed or stuffed into toasted buns. When you're visiting our boutique hotel in Kennebunkport, check out these three places that offer a mix of classic and unique takes on Maine's favorite seafood:

Salt & Honey | 24 Ocean Ave., Kennebunkport | (207) 204-0195

Relatively new to KPT, this cozy restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the second floor of a set of shops overlooking Dock Square. You could opt for the traditional lobster roll, but lobster tacos offer something unique. They're topped with a kicky combination of jalapeno apple slaw, cilantro, and Sriracha aioli.

Spat Oyster Cellar | 27 Western Ave., Kennebunk | (207) 204-0860

Visit Chef Rebecca Charles' newly opened oyster bar over the river in Kennebunk's Lower Village. Also the chef and owner of New York's Pearl Oyster Bar, one could argue that Chef Charles' played a meaty roll in spreading the love of the lobster roll beyond our state borders. Go for the classic roll here — a classic toasted bun overflowing with lobster alongside a pile of impossibly crispy shoestring fries.

The Wayfarer | 2 Pier Rd., Kennebunkport | (207) 967-8961

Venture out to Cape Porpoise for a relaxing evening at The Wayfarer, run by southern chef Brendan Levin. Start your meal off with crunchy pan-fried lobster cakes served over watercress and tomato ragu and topped with chipotle jam. Those looking for the full Kennebunkport lobster experience without the mess should try the lazy lobster — meat from a whole 1-1/2 pound lobster that's been poached in butter and served with mashed potatoes. Decadent and delicious.