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Late Night Food in Portland

Admittedly Portland is not known for its late night scene, with bars closing at 1 a.m. and most restaurants shuttered before 10 p.m. So whether you're out for a bite after a movie or show, or have a hunger pang during a night of carousing in the Old Port's bars, it's important to have a game plan. Next time you're on a lark to one of our boutique Portland hotels these three restaurants are your best option for late night food in Portland.

Boda | 671 Congress St, Portland | (207) 347-7557

Boda is a perennial Portland favorite, but we love it for its late night service. Late night food often equals fried, heavy foods, but Boda serves updated Thai, which is lighter and refreshing. From the green apple and shrimp salad to the Brussels sprouts fried with fish sauce, the vegetable dishes here are not to be overlooked. Skewers, grilled on the yakitori grill, make for a fun mix-and-match option, and the pad thai, wrapped in a thin egg omelet, is a filling way to end your evening.

Eventide Oyster Co. | 86 Middle St, Portland | (207) 774-8538

It's no secret that Eventide is a fantastic Portland restaurant, but it can be difficult to nab a seat. One of our favorite times to visit is later in the evening, when the crowds have thinned. After 9 p.m., Eventide offers a special menu and discounted tiki drinks. Enjoy half priced chicken and oyster buns, as the whole bar turns into one big party.

Tomaso's Canteen | 18 Hampshire St, Portland | (207) 536-1285

This dive bar off of Middle Street (look across the street from Eventide if you have trouble finding it) serves food until last call. Its menu of bar food is a refreshingly inexpensive option in Portland. Find food and drink specials every night, like a burger, fries, and can of beer for $10 on Wednesdays. With great beer options, cheap, simple cocktails, and one of the best burgers in Portland, Tomaso's is a popular stop for late night food in Portland.