Line up of different shades and grades of Maple Syrup in maple leaf shaped jars

Maple Season in Stowe

All of those sugar maples that create Vermont's famous fall foliage are ramping up their sap production as the spring temperatures slowly warm up in northern Vermont. As you travel the state, you'll see plumes of steam coming from sugaring houses as sap is boiled down to rich, golden Vermont maple syrup. Many sugar houses have special events and open houses to celebrate maple season in Stowe. As you explore Vermont from our Stowe boutique hotel Field Guide, stop by one of these two sugar houses and enjoy maple season in Stowe.

Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm | 256 Falls Brook Ln, Stowe | (802) 253-4655

This family-run sugar house has been producing maple syrup since the 1980s, nestled on the slopes of Mt. Mansfield. As with all maple producers, the Coty family collects sap from their trees when the spring conditions are right and boils it down to make the year's supply of syrup. This means round-the-clock production and a LOT of sap—it takes 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. You can see the maze of tubing that connects the farm's 9,000 trees to the storage tanks and tour the sugar house facility, where it's hot and steamy as you might imagine. Of course, you'll want to pick up some syrup; Nebraska Knoll sells its syrup, as well as maple candy and maple sugar.

Stowe Maple Products | 2618 Waterbury Rd, Stowe | (802) 253-2508

This sugar house and store is actually open year round, but it's always fun to stop by when maple syrup production is in full swing. The store doesn't have a website or social media site (you can call for directions or to confirm they're open), but instead relies on word-of-mouth and good customer service. This time of year, you can sample warm syrup right from the stove or you can try different grades of syrup to determine your favorite. While the Grade A "fancy" syrup may seem like it's the best and most desirable, many prefer the stronger maple flavor that comes with the Grade A "robust" syrup. Brush up on your maple syrup knowledge during maple season in Stowe.