Coastal Mendocino with flowers growing on the rocks

Must-See Gardens in Mendocino

Spring is a beautiful time on the California coast—the rainy season is ending and the bright colors are starting to return to the landscape. The much-needed rain nourishes all the foliage that makes the Northern California coast so scenic and sets the stage for some incredible blooms in the gardens of Mendocino. Our boutique Mendocino hotels of the Blue Door Group are the perfect place to stay and explore the beauty of the unique gardens you'll find in Mendocino.

Garden lovers should book a room at the JD House, our modern interpretation of a ship captain's house. With tasteful nautical furnishings and ocean views, JD House is a luxurious home base in Mendocino. Enjoy your breakfast in the English garden, a private enclave of hydrangeas, herbs, nasturtiums, lilies, and succulents. Starting your day with this peaceful ritual will ensure you have a relaxing stay in Mendocino.

While you're walking around town, be sure to admire the beautiful private gardens in Mendocino. One of the best-known gardens in the town of Mendocino is at the corner of Main and Hesser Street. Overlooking the famed Mendocino headlands and the Pacific Ocean, this garden in Mendocino has a signature water tower and is flanked by artist sculpture. Be sure to stop and admire both the gardens and the breathtaking view from this scenic main street.

And of course, any fan of horticulture and landscaping will want to visit the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Known as one of the country's best botanical gardens, this 47-acre coastal preserve is in full bloom come springtime. With hundreds of varieties of rhododendrons, the gardens are a riot of color and not to be missed. For more details on a visit to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, read our blog post on Spring at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. And then book your stay at one of our boutique Mendocino hotels of the Blue Door Group to enjoy all that Northern California has to offer in springtime.

Mendocino Botanical Gardens | 18220 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg | (707) 964-4352