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New Hampshire Film Festival

Starting in 2004 in Derry, NH, The New Hampshire Film Festival has since moved to its current home in Portsmouth, NH. The city of Portsmouth offers up the perfect setting for the festival, with plenty of shops, hotels, and dining all within walking distance of the various screening venues. From October 11-14, 2018, the New Hampshire Film Festival will connect screenwriters, filmmakers, film connoisseurs and more, with industry experts in the charming, seaside setting of Portsmouth in an event to celebrate independent film.

Screenings and special events are dispersed across various venues from the historic main stage“The Music Hall” to it’s new more contemporary sidekick the “Loft.” The Music Hall, seats over 800 and has been restored since it was first built back in 1878. Just steps away is where you’ll find the Loft. The Loft brings the same high level of programs, but in a more intimate and hip setting. 3S Artspace, new to the festival as of 2015, is both an art gallery, as well as another intimate venue.

Whether you’re a budding screenwriter or you simply appreciate a good film, this festival is not to be missed! Grab your festival pass online (or the weekend of the festival at the Music Hall Box Office) and book your room at one of our boutique Portsmouth hotels!