Our 48 Hours in Kennebunkport

We were fortunate enough to host a writer from Maine Magazine recently as she researched all of the great places to shop, stay and dine in the Kennebunks. We love Maine Magazine and couldn’t have been happier to host Melissa during her brief but busy stay at our Kennebunkport Inn. As strong believers that 48 hours is hardly enough to satiate the Kennebunkport getaway palate we encourage you to stay for longer, but if you can’t, we’ve designed a special 48 hours package just for you! To read about the package, click here.

First though, here’s our crash course on what you should see, do and eat if you are here for a couple of short but sweet days!

Rob and Leigh’s choices for a short visit to Captain Fairfield Inn

Kennebunkport Accommodations and Lodging

Captain Fairfield Inn – sorry, probably obvious but we had to get it on the “to do” list! Since we don't live in Kennebunkport anymore, it's a real treat when we have a chance to spend a night or two at the Inn.  Everytime we're there we re-discover why we love Kennebunkport. We’re excited about the upcoming season and the wonderful slow pace that the quiet season offers!

Kennebunkport Dining and Restaurants:

Bandaloop – one of our favorite spots. Sit at the bar, enjoy a mojito, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside quesadillas, Bandaloop egg rolls – rich and creamy with a port reduction sauce!

The Ramp – best burgers in town with hand cut fries (we like the malted vinegar and sea salt accompaniment). I often try to get Leigh to split a burger and a “Pulled Pig.” Best of both worlds. Again, sit at the bar and enjoy a couple of beers. This is a locals’ refuge in the winter!

Old Vines Wine Bar – relatively new to the scene; this is a classy joint. Mike knows his wine and preps fantastic food on the side. His soups are out of this world and the meatloaf panini – well – awesome!

50 Local – the new comer and a bit of a drive over to downtown Kennebunk, but for the hip vibe and local flavors it’s worth it. Try the Monkey Bread.

Joshua’s – Dad is the farmer, Mom is the hostess and son, Joshua is the chef. The setting is fantastic – a 1700’s house – the food is fresh and simple and the prices are reasonable. Reservations are important!

Kennebunkport Shopping and Kennebunkport Galleries

Daytrip Society – one year we did all of our Christmas shopping here! Funky, local, interesting items and the owner is an amazing graphic designer - you’ll see some of his products there.

Maine Art Gallery – a wide selection of amazing art (original and print). Craig Mooney is our favorite artist. Huge canvasses, bold colors, pastoral subject matters.

Abacus – this is Rob’s go-to spot for Leigh’s jewelry. Hand crafted jewelry, unusual artsy furniture, cute stuff. A gallery of really interesting things.

Minka – This place soothes our soul. Maine-made jewelry, candles, art - a must-stop-in shop.

Kennebunkport Activities

Parsons Beach – a bit out of the way and only parking for 15 cars makes this a great bike ride from the Inn. Often deserted, never crowed, we used to walk our dog Riley here every evening.

The Bridle Trail – This trail is the old rail trail that connected the world of summer travelers to Kennebunkport’s grand hotels. The trail runs along the Mousam River in Kennebunk and is flat and easy - beautiful in the fall and even when it’s snow covered.

Laudholm Farm – miles and miles of walking trails that start high on a hill above Wells Beach and eventually wind down to a pristine white sand beach.

So that should keep you busy for 48 hours. As always, everyone at the Inn will be more than happy to help you customize your stay with us.

All the best, Rob and Leigh