Historic colorful buildings in downtown Saratoga Springs NY

Our Favorite Museums in Saratoga Springs

From world-class art to the country's best horse racing, Saratoga Springs has a number of attractions and traditions. Guests of our boutique Saratoga Springs hotel The Downtowner love to visit area museums to gain a better appreciation for the culture and history of this vibrant upstate New York city. Whether you're looking to learn how to place your bets at the track or to see the next generation of artists' work, Saratoga Springs has a museum worth visiting.

Saratoga Automobile Museum | 110 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs | (518) 587-1935

This museum is dedicated to preserving automobiles and related artifacts and has a spectacular collection of antique autos. Located within Saratoga Spa State Park, the museum is in the historic Saratoga Bottling Plant, once dedicated to bottling the famous water from the Saratoga natural springs. With different exhibits dedicated to car manufacturing Detroit, historic racing cars, and cars from the 50s, you'll find some rare gems at this museum in Saratoga Springs.

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame | 191 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs | (518) 584-0400

Whether you're a hardcore fan of the sport or just like to wear a big hat on Derby Day, you'll enjoy the Museum of Racing. Exhibits cover the history of thoroughbred racing in Saratoga Springs and around the country and explain the intricacies of the sport to newbies. Learn how to read the odds, then try your hand at the "Ready to Ride" simulator that gives museumgoers a chance to get into the jockey's seat and feel what it's like to race. You'll leave ready for a day at the track!

Tang Museum | 815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs | (518) 580-8080

Part of Skidmore College, this art museum displays works from its collection as well as student art. With six galleries, all with a different theme, there's plenty of space for sculpture, installations, and large format pieces. An event space also hosts films, lectures, music, and dance, and can add a little culture to your night out. With exhibits that change frequently, it's always fun to see what the Skidmore art students are up to.