Coastal Mendocino with flowers growing on the rocks

Rainy Day Activities in Mendocino

November through March brings the rainy season to Northern California, so if you're planning a stay at our Mendocino boutique hotels Blue Door Group, it's best to have plans for rainy day activities in Mendocino. Fortunately, there's plenty of history and culture to be explored in Mendocino, so you won't be without options on a rainy day in Mendocino. Enjoy these tips for rainy day activities in Mendocino that will tide you over until the sun returns and you can enjoy that spectacular Northern California scenery again.

Families will love a ride on the Skunk Train, a historic railway that offers tours of the redwood forests. The nearest train leaves from Fort Bragg, just north of Mendocino, on a 1-hour, 7-mile trip through the Noyo River Canyon, a route made popular by logging at the turn of the century. Why the train's stinky name? When the gas-powered engines debuted in 1925, people said you could smell the train before you could see it, and the nickname "skunk" stuck.

Tour a museum in Mendocino to learn about the area's history, from logging and shipwrecks to whaling and native people. Three Mendocino museums offer a look into the history of this Northern California town, and are a perfect rainy day activity in Mendocino. Check out our post on Mendocino museums for our recommendations.

If the forecast is looking grey, cozy up at the movies or see a show. Coast Cinemas in Fort Bragg shows new run movies, while the Mendocino Theater Company typically has a play running Thursday through Sunday. After a few hours inside, you'll be awestruck by the coast's natural beauty—even if it's viewed through some rain.

Hearty hikers won't let a little rain deter them—hike amongst the redwoods and you'll stay (mostly) dry. The tree's big canopy means there isn't much rain falling to the ground, so you can still enjoy walking amongst these giants. Russian Gulch and Van Damme State Park both have miles of trails through redwoods, so you can still get out and enjoy the woods on a rainy day in Mendocino.