From the Nest

Renovation notes…

So, our Kennebunkport Inn has undergone a bit of a transformation over the last couple of weeks. As we prepare for your coast of Maine summer vacation we want to make sure that our Kennebunkport accommodations are top notch. As I have mentioned previously, maybe in a newsletter or on facebook, our plan has been to totally remodel Brig Macdonough, Windemere and the Kennebunkport Room. We’ve also planned to give the living room, dining room and entry hall makeovers.

I’m not going to spill all the beans in this note but I’ll give a few glimpses into the new style of the back rooms and commons spaces.

We have been guided by rising star of the design world, Rachel Reider. Rachel led the design efforts at our Nantucket Hotel, the Veranda House. She is getting a lot of well deserved recognition in the design community for bringing a fresh eye and a new approach to her trade.

So enjoy these photos and glimpses of what’s to come. In the next entry I’ll go into more depth about each room that is “under the hammer.”