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Spooky Tours and Classes in Salem, MA

There's so much to do and see in Salem when it comes to learning the history of the area and in particular the Salem Witch Trials. A lot of the attractions can be a bit cheesy, so we recommend these tours and classes in Salem to those who want to sample the spookier side of Salem without any over-the-top theatrics. Learn about the history of Salem through its burial practices, make some magic, and sample some adult beverages with these tours and classes in Salem.

Salem Historical Tours | 8 Central St, Salem | (978) 745-0666

This tour company offers several walking tours around Salem, from cemetery tours to ghost tours. Learn about the events that started the Witch Trials on the Witchcraft Walk or visit the city's oldest cemetery to learn about gravestones and the stories of those buried on the Grave Matters tour. Salem Historical Tours are the city's oldest and always deliver an educational and entertaining tour.

Dark Moon Tarot | 27 Congress St, #203, Salem

Workshops offered by the two women of Dark Moon Tarot range from making your own cold and flu season salve to learning to read tarot cards. Learn about the healing power of herbs while you make potions, sleep spray or wellness salve in these 2-hour workshops. Come warmer months, go on a guided walk to forage herbs known for their medicinal properties. Dark Moon Tarot's workshops are a great way to tap into Salem's intuitive community and end up with a vacation souvenir at the same time.

Salem Spirits Trolley | (978) 594-8811

Learn about a different "spirit" on the Salem Spirits Trolley tour, this time of the craft beverage variety. Salem has several breweries, distilleries, and cideries making delicious beverages from local products, and this tour provides tours and samples of three Salem beverage facilities. Learn about the history of alcohol and Prohibition in Salem, while you sip cocktails, beer, and cider. Light snacks from The Cheese Shop of Salem are provided too.