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Try Out Saratoga Springs's Famous Mineral Baths

Saratoga Springs is known for its naturally-occurring mineral springs that produce emerald green, carbonated water. Thanks to minerals imparted underground, the water was once thought to have healing properties, treating everything from heart disease and arthritis to digestive troubles and asthma. American Indians in the area first knew of the springs' healing properties, and then English settlers developed a resort community around the springs in the 1800s. Since then, people have been traveling to Saratoga to soak in the mineral baths—once even prescribed to do so by their doctor.

Today, Saratoga Springs' mineral baths are still popular with visitors looking to relax and rejuvenate in the cool, naturally carbonated waters. Only one spa offering mineral bath treatments remains, the historic Roosevelt Baths & Spa at The Gideon Putnam. Named for the president that preserved Saratoga's mineral baths in 1935, the Roosevelt Baths & Spa is located within the 2,200-acre Saratoga Springs State Park. President Roosevelt was particularly interested in the mineral springs because of his polio; the president came to Saratoga for hydrotherapy and then included funding for several more public bathhouses in Saratoga as part of Depression-era federal spending. The water for the Roosevelt Baths & Spa's baths comes from the Lincoln Spring, located nearby in the state park. You can visit the historic bathhouse built up around it, although public baths are no longer offered there.

Because the mineral springs are only 55 degrees, Roosevelt Baths & Spa mixes the water with warm water to bring it to a pleasant temperature for soaking. With 42 rooms and a variety of spa treatments, there are plenty of relaxing options available at this Saratoga Springs mineral bath. The mineral springs treatments are popular and frequently sell out, so be sure to make a reservation when planning your visit. Our boutique Saratoga Springs hotel is a luxurious home base to continue your relaxation during your stay.

Roosevelt Baths & Spa | 39 Roosevelt Dr, Saratoga Springs | (800) 452-7275