A Walking Itinerary of Portland

Here at The Pom, we encourage our guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy both our hotel’s eclectic charm and funky vibe. While we’ll never say no to a relaxing day indoors, reading by the fire or watching movies in bed, we’ve got an adventurous side, too. If you’re more of the latter than the former, we’ve created a walking itinerary of Portland, Maine must do’s.

The first step to any good day is a hearty and delicious breakfast. While The Pom serves a variety of tasty “tapas style” breakfast items each morning, you can’t go wrong with brunch at Local 188 (and you can always save some of our treats for snacks later!) With everything from seasonal egg scrambles to ricotta fritters, huevos rancheros, and a cocktail list full of a variety of mimosas and coffee drinks, you’ll have more than enough energy to explore our pretty city.

After brunch, take a stroll along the Eastern Promenade. You’ll catch a glimpse of boats passing by, paddle boarders and kayakers enjoying the open water, and possibly sunbathers lying out on the East End Beach, depending on the season. If you follow the path in its entirety, you’ll end up on Commercial Street, in Portland’s bustling downtown, where there are plenty of shops to visit.

If shopping isn’t your forte, head to Fort Williams Park. Here, you’ll find Portland’s most iconic lighthouse, The Portland Head Light, against a backdrop of Maine’s classic and rugged coastline. There is a footpath that runs from the lighthouse to a small picnic area where you can enjoy a signature lobster roll from Bite into Maine or simply sit back and take in the gorgeous ocean views. Or, scout for the next Red Sox star by checking out a Portland Sea Dogs game, the double A affiliate of Boston’s famed team. There’s almost nothing better than a sunny day spent at the ballpark, and Portland’s Hadlock Field is no exception.

To end the day, what’s better than catching a sunset? While an evening stroll on the beach is certainly always an option, we’ve got a spot that’s less than a 5-minute walk from our boutique hotel and the last stop on our walking Itinerary of Portland. Walk out the front door, turn left and then take a right on Carroll Street. Continue straight until you hit the Western Promenade, where you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of sunset hues behind the bay.