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Whale Watching Trips in Newburyport

Spring marks the start of whale watching season in Newburyport. Guests of our boutique Plum Island hotel Blue—Inn on the Beach love to venture out with Newburyport's best whale watching guides, Newburyport Whale Watch, when visiting. Next time you're on a lark to Newburyport, enjoy a whale watching trip to the Gulf of Maine to spot some of New England's resident whales.

Newburyport Whale Watch seasons runs from May to October. Not only is it more pleasant weather for boating during these months, but the whales have migrated back into the area after taking a trip to warmer waters for breeding. The waters off of Newburyport are some of the most populated whale feeding grounds in the world. Known as the Stellwagen Bank, the natural geography of the ocean floor here creates a great upwelling of plankton and fish that attract all kinds of marine mammals.

Newburyport Whale Watch will take you on the 106-foot Captain Lady III, a specially outfitted whale watching charter boat, out the Merrimack River and into the Gulf of Maine. The captain and crew will decide to head to a number of popular feeding grounds based on whale spotting reports and locate a number of whales for you to observe. The naturalists on board are trained to identify specific individuals they've been seeing for years and can provide all the information you may want to know about whales. Spot humpbacks, minkes, fin whales, and dolphins, as well as seals and sea birds.

During your whale watch, you can expect to be out on the water for 4 to 4-1/2 hours. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included with your trip, while you should bring anything you need for a day at sea, including sunscreen, hats, and layers. It's always colder at sea! The boat does have a heated/air-conditioned cabin where you can take a break from the elements. With everything taken care of, you can relax and experience the joy of seeing the majestic animals up close. You won't want to miss a whale watching trip in Newburyport during your stay at Plum Island!

Newburyport Whale Watch | 54 Merrimac St, Newburyport | (800) 848-1111